Our care with raw materials

1. Freshness

After our seafood is caught, it is quickly frozen before any drop in its level of freshness. Utilizing the keen judgment of highly experienced persons in charge, we pay attention to the freshness of the raw materials, oiliness, and the length of time for which materials are frozen as we make purchases.

2. Fish core temperature

We do not thaw our seafood using standard running water. Instead, we fillet our products while in a semi-frozen state. After filleting, we continue to use generous quantities of ice to maintain a low core temperature for the fish. This prevents a reduction in the level of freshness and loss of flavor.

Our care with processing

1. 100% processing by hand

All our production processes are done by hand, from the filleting of horse mackerel, through to the application of batter and breadcrumbs, and also packaging.

2. Crispy texture

While we cannot disclose the details of our recipe, we use a carefully considered and original formulation of batter and panko breadcrumbs to create a crispy texture in which the crumbs stay nicely pointed when deep fried.

Our efforts to ensure food
safety and security

1. Taking time to remove small bones

So that all our customers can eat with peace of mind, we do the painstaking work of removing small bones with tweezers.

2. Prevention of contamination by foreign substances

Thorough hand washing and disinfection are the basics of safety. Paying close attention to the prevention of contamination by foreign substances, we also use metal detectors and employ strict clothing regulations.

Using our own inspection system—a system that is unique to our company—we carry out the highest standard of measures to ensure safety and security.