Our care in raising chickens

1. Fully managed

We raise our chickens 100% in-house in a suburban area that is off limits to anyone who is not related to the company.
Practicing 100% management of disease and growth conditions enables us to raise high-quality chickens.

2. Visualization of environmental and management data

We use an automatic management system that enables us to work in real time to check the humidity, temperature, and data on feed and water fed to the chickens. We are able to raise chickens efficiently and with ease because abnormalities can be detected in real time.

3. 24-hour management

A 24-hour video surveillance system is in place. The total area is equivalent to seven Tokyo Domes—a vast site completely isolated from humans that is a stress-free, hygienic environment.

Our care with processing

1. Creating products that meet our customers’ needs

For example, in the case of our seasoned gizzards, we create a product that has a chewy texture but one that is not too hard. In response to these kinds of customer needs, we have thoroughly considered the issue in both Japan and China, and carefully remove the silver skin surrounding chicken livers individually by hand, as they affect the texture and taste of the livers.

2. State-of-the-art equipment

Food machinery is evolving day by day to offer greater levels of quality, safety, and efficiency. With this in mind, we aim to provide a higher level of added value without hesitating to invest in our equipment.

Our efforts to ensure food
safety and security

1. Metal detection/X-ray inspection

So that our customers may eat with confidence, we employ the highest standard safety and security system with metal detectors and X-ray inspection machines as a countermeasure against contamination by foreign substances.

2. Prevention of contamination by foreign substances

Beginning with thorough hand washing and disinfection, we perform clothing checks and checks for prohibited items when entering the factory.

Using our own inspection system—a system that is unique to our company—we carry out the highest standard of measures to ensure safety and security.