Bringing our food products to people
waiting all around the world

We are an international integrated food group whose business encompasses the production of processed foods, import and export, sales, and food inspection.

Over the history our our company that extends from the time of its foundation in 1990 through to the present, we have taken the strength of our know-how cultivated in Japan and China to connect countries with different cultures. We bring an even higher level of safety, security, and quality to our business so that we may continue to act as a connecting bridge.

Bringing you food that offers safety and peace of mind.

All members of our group will move forward with their work so that we may continue to meet the expectations of people waiting around the world and spin the thread of life with food.

Group companies and roles

Our efforts to ensure food
safety and security

To enable us to distribute safe and secure food ingredients, we are committed to thoroughgoing safety and security management under the supervision of Fujian CCIC-Fairreach Food Safety Testing Co., Ltd. through all stages of the production process including, raw materials, processing, inspection, and auditing.

Major trading countries and
supply achievements

  • Japan

  • China

  • U.S.A.

  • Singapore

  • Austoralia

  • thailand

Our trading partners include mass retailers, seafood specialty stores, sushi restaurant chains, and Japanese restaurants all around the world.

Product categories